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Background info

The idea back the Software Tools from Tsubame (as Kenji is) was to develope tools with the most important features a small or medium sized enterprise needs.

The "project" Kenji

The ideas I had when I was projecting Kenji were:

  • Kenji must run on different environments
  • Kenji have to be for the user as simple as possible (selfexplaining)
  • Kenji must be quick and reliable.
Why Kenji.

What Kenji actually do

Kenji is a tool from a series of tools that Tsubame Software Tools programmed.
The purpose of these tools is, as in accordance with the matter of Tsubame, to simplify and speed up your work on documents.

Especially Kenji offers the following functions:

  • To find double files, to delete, move or just list them, as desired
  • To find and delete or just move, as deisred, old files as well
  • To delete very old files
whereby it is possible to define different configurations and store them for future use.

About it, it is also possible (and that makes the tool to a real usefull peace of software) to define what types of documents have to be processed, thus the processing time is reduced drastically, which is very important if you are processing hard drives with gigabytes of data.

In addition, Kenji also allows the full utilization of its functionality in batch operation mode, thus being a incredible flexible tool and achieving an unusual degree of automation.

Kenji help you to save money and time.

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