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Background info

Developing a Accounting System

Of course each company which developed a Accounting System has a concept, a vision, an idea guiding the system.

The idea back Naoko was to develope a light weight system with the most important features a small or medium sized enterprise needs, no more and no less.

Understanding Naoko

Naoko is simple a simple accounting system, a "System for the control of money".

The "project" Naoko

The ideas I had when I was projecting Naoko were:

  • Naoko must run on heterogen environments
  • Naoko have to be for the user as simple as possible (selfexplaining)
  • Naoko must be quick and reliable.
The Functionallity of Naoko

What Naoko actually do

Naoko has the following modules.
As you wish the individual modules may be adapted to your needs.
  1. naoko_cash (POS -Point Of Sale- Program: To be used when direct retail sale is done -cash- to many customers)
  2. naoko_amortization: Module to calculate depreciation
  3. naoko_end_of_period: Calculates expenses for assets (e.g. offices, cars with travel book)
  4. naoko_input: Entering of bils/accounting documents
  5. naoko_account_balance: Create a balance
  6. naoko_vat: Calculates the VAT
  7. naoko_earning: Calculates the profit and loss accounts
  8. naoko_pos2voucher: Generatesaccounting document(s) from the POS (Point of Sale) data
  9. naoko_agreement: Creating invoices from the POS data
  10. naoko_pos_dm: POS Data Mining
  11. naoko_journal_dm: Journal Data Mining

Of course it is posible to have several POS.

Naoko can e.g. generate automatic accounting documents.


  • VAT Calculation
  • Data Mining

Naoko help you to save money and thus time!

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