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Why is Tsubame now using the slogan the power of simplicity?

It is and was such that -at last- I though the "slogans", which companies (and also especially the large companies) believe they 'have to' use, are quite moronic: I think that are just words which does not have right meaning, often having also nothing in common with the company itself. Nevertheless, this one was found in one of the many "brain storming" Tsubame keeps as a young and dynamic company, we just considered this slogan as that which exactly defined Tsubame. After some discussion we decided to put "the power of simplicity" in "our" home page.

How is the power of simplicity to be understood, you ask?
Well, the software we do develope is designed to
1. delete all superfluous items without mercy,
2. it is not the philosophy of Tsubame, to ship more and more functions in new versions such that after a while the user can not distingue bugs from features, and
3. the interface to the user is simplified to the maximum (sometimes -admittedly- at the expense of "features") but, as our slogan announces, for Tsubame is simplicity the power in the process of using software -power in your hands-.

Are you convinced of Tsubame already? Use our freeware and be impressed by the power of simplicity.


What is new in Tsubame?

On the one side, I am often a bit unhappy with the... yes "slow" creation of "output" we at "Tsubame" have. For example, last year we could not even manage to write a new issue of our magazin "Tsubame no Megane". Ideas are there and one really needs to sit down and start writing -an activity of a few hours- but, unfortunately, our magazine has a lower priority.
Yes, of course, the higher priorities are the customers, and really I can not even write "unfortunately the customer" because it is not correct: Everyday business generates a big amount of happyness. Tsubame have an enviable good cooperation with the customers!

On the other hand, we are very reliable in terms of the future.
We have a very precise and planned way to go, we do know exactly what we will do, many of the future projects are very advanced in the project planning phase and just waiting that we get time free (the resources actually) to begin with. But only time will not be planned by us: We do not want to plan it, since that will originate time limits for our work which degenerates in frustration and would mean the beginning of poor quality and all what follows.

We are certainly not the fastest,
we are probably not the funniest, but...
we belong without doubt to the happiest!

Yes, the best is yet to come!

I will be happy if you can just drop us some lines and let us know how satisfied you are with the way Tsubame is going on:

Drop us some lines!

Tsubame no megane: Magazin of Tsubame Software Tools

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