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'Another' accounting system?

I had at the time I was driving NKE as my company (some might remember it), I developed a simple accounting system T-fibu (which stood for "Turbo-financial-accounting") which was specific to my needs and was never meant as SW for sale. I was working on this system several times and, so far I understood more meager than thoroughly the principles of accounting (which are some times difficult to understand using pure mathematical or logical point of views, so that I was sometimes at the edge of despair), I was improving constantly this piece of software.

Now I need a "real" accounting system. One I can understand without having studied accounting and one which is very easy to use. And of course, just because Tsubame Business Software Tools developes software, a system that do the life of users (customers) simpler.

Yes, thus 'another' accounting system.

The management of documents are a hugh problem, specially in small and medium sized business

Yes, depending of organization form spend a worker between 50% and 80% of the working time searching for information!

Analysts estimate that the average company spends approximately 6% of their annual revenue on office documents (paper).

Can you imagine, that you can save much money with a DMS?


Accounting system:


Naoko was written in 2010 and is still in the introductory phase.

Naoko means "honest child."

Naoko has basically three modules:

  1. cash program to use in the POS, which needs to be adapted if necessary to the ticket printer
  2. accounting module for just the accounting
  3. salary module
All three are to be ordered separately, you take what you need!

More information at:

"Naoko", a Accounting System

A Documents Organizing Tool:


Kenji is a tool which is able to find double, old and very old files, listing, moving and deleting the files as needed.

Kenji means "intelligent ruler."

Kenji organizing documents

A Document Management System:


Toshiko was reading at the beginning of 2009 and is working pretty fine.

Toshiko means "alert, vigilant child". And Toshiko have usable functions for document workflow and group communication too.

More information:

"Toshiko", a DMS (document management system).

I invite you to use our freeware in order to check what we are producing.


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