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Background info 

Why you cannot buy Toshiko

I was considerating also the economic needs of a small or medium sized enterprise.

I though that the most important matter is that you could calculate "exactly" how much you pay and for what.

Between software, license, updates, support, consultants etc. it is not clear what do you pay for and how much.

I believe that software is to be used as a service (but not necessarily in the "cloud"!); that is not as hardware (which you can change if you want) and you "use" the software to achieve a goal.

Therefore I postulate this principles for using Tsubame's Software:

  • There is a fix price for the use of Toshiko

  • No use, no payment

  • No hidden costs (updates, hotline, etc)
Acquire Toshiko 

Toshiko: 100% transparent costs

The most important economic principle of Tsubame Software Tools is the total costs transparency for the business partner.

Clear agreement and clear benefits are means of a long term business.


  1. You pay so long as you use the application. If you do not want to use Toshiko any more you do not have to pay any more. There is no time brace

  2. You do not buy merely a "License" with lots of terms and small print, no updates later, no support, no hotline, no courses "How do I ..."

  3. You subscribe to Toshiko: The subscription includes all you need for running the business:
    • Set up and administration
    • Support
    • Updates
    That means for you: No hidden costs.
    You know exactly how much do you pay yearly for Toshiko

  4. The subscription is of 12 EUR monthly for each user. That is
    • 144 EUR yearly, or
    • 3 EUR weekly

If you pay annually you pay only for 10 months.  

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