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Background info 

Thinking about simplifying the work for SMEs

Before I developed Toshiko I was thinking also about different requirements for a software system for a small or medium sized business.

There were some requirements I want to highlight, which was such as star in the sky of the developer:

  • The hardware: Toshiko have to work on very elementary environments

  • The user: Toshiko must be intuitional; just one explanation must be enough

  • The system: Toshiko must be high configurable and flexible fitting the needs of most of the SMEs.
Running Toshiko 

Hardware Requirements

  1. One computer as server; you can define any network computer you want
  2. This server must be running when the users are working
  3. Each popular operating system with networking is enough for Toshiko.

Installing Toshiko

The installation will be done by a System Operator of Tsubame.

Generally the installation will be done through a secure connection to your server via ethernet (TCP/IP).

Before installation you may define the system: users and groups.
You can define also the "burning" directory, life cycle of documents, expiration of messages, if applicable work flows, anyway the defaults are fitting the standard needs well, but you can modify that too.

There are system executables running on the server and there are start executables for each user of the system. These executables will be installed on the computer of all users. Some of the environment variables of an user can be also changed for customizing the system (if required).

Running Toshiko

Each user may start the own executables and work on the system, ensuring the own back ups and the connection to the Toshiko system.

It is easy also to add or change users, groups or even configurations when the need arise.

Toshiko is very flexible.  

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