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Document Management and Workflow System

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Background info

Developing a Document Management System

Of course each company which developed a Document Management System has a concept, a vision, an idea guiding the system.

The idea back Toshiko was to develope a light weight system with the most important features a small or medium sized enterprise needs, no more and no less.

Understanding Toshiko

I think for my own that the definition "Document Management System" is more an advertising construction than a description for a software system.

Software cannot "manage" anything. Only people can do that.

Toshiko is defined as DMS, but I believe it is really a "System for Administration of Documents".

The "project" Toshiko

The ideas I had when I was projecting Toshiko were:

  • Toshiko must run on heterogen environments
  • Toshiko have to be for the user as simple as possible (selfexplaining)
  • Toshiko must be quick and reliable.
Why Toshiko.

What Toshiko actually do

Toshiko has functions of a standard Document Management System: Search and keeping informations of the documents.

But Toshiko has also some functions of a Document Workflow System (DWS) which allows an automation of the distribution of documents.

For example Toshiko can do automatic work flows of choosen documents and, (if defined) previously conversions between document formats.


  • Searching function (Basis of Document Management Solutions)
  • Document dispatching function (AKA DWS: Document Workflow System)
  • The system deletes automatically old documents (life cycle of documents)
  • Communication tool (for documents and/or messages) for all users and groups with a black board and a reminder function

About the back up

  • Toshiko do automatically configurable back ups and replication for all users
  • Lost documents can you restore with a simple mouse click.

Enhanced functions

  • You can see (and administrate) dependancies between documents
  • Document conversion (document workflow automation)
  • You can keep simple audit data

Toshiko help you to save money, time and your documents!

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